The Infinite Strength Curve!

Dr. Mike Jansen, PT, DPT
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What's going on!

This is my NEW book: The Infinite Strength Curve!

In this book, I will teach you my revolutionary new theory on resistance bands. I’m using this new theory to get screaming fast size and strength gains – even while dieting in a calorie deficit.

I call this new theory “The Infinite Strength Curve.”

The powerlifting legend Louie Simmons started using resistance bands in the 1990s. He used bands as a core part of the Westside Barbell Training Program, and his results speak for themselves.

Louie Simmons’ powerlifting team set hundreds of world records, and the Westside Barbell gym is widely regarded as “the strongest gym in the world.”

No one has ever improved on Louie Simmons’ original ideas for using resistance bands… until now.

I’ve studied the work of Louie Simmons extensively.

I’ve written 26 different articles on The Westside Barbell Training Program at my website,

I’ve also written hundreds of articles on the greatest bodybuilding and powerlifting coaches of all time, including:

  • Louie Simmons
  • Charles Poliquin
  • John Meadows
  • Dante Trudel
  • Josh Bryant

More importantly, I’ve been experimenting with bands in my own training since I started lifting weights in 2007.

In 2022, I finally had my breakthrough moment.

I discovered the REAL reason bands work so well… and it has NOTHING to do with “accommodating resistance,” or making the top part of an exercise more challenging.

The magic behind bands is they increase the speed of gravity.

Your goal with bands should be to increase the speed of gravity AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, while keeping MAXIMUM tension on your muscles throughout the entire range of motion – especially the bottom part of the movement.

In order to do this, you need to find special exercises that are EXTREMELY hard in the bottom position, and EXTREMELY easy in the top position.

That way, even when you use heavy band tension, the exercise is still VERY difficult to perform in the bottom position.

Why is this so important? It’s simple: now you can use bands to increase the speed of gravity, while maximizing the mechanical tension on your muscles throughout the ENTIRE range of motion of the exercise!

Let me explain this concept another way.

Normally, when you use heavy band tension, the exercise becomes very easy in the bottom position and very hard in the top position. This is why many people think bands are worthless – they make the exercise too “easy” in the bottom position.

These people are partially correct.

If you use too much band tension, and the exercise becomes too easy in the bottom position, then the exercise becomes virtually worthless.

But if you use the right special exercises, you can use INSANELY heavy band tension, while keeping MAXIMUM tension on your muscles throughout the entire range of motion… including the bottom part of the movement!

I call this revolutionary new idea The Infinite Strength Curve.

And the implications of this new theory are truly Earth-shattering.

I believe The Infinite Strength Curve is the most powerful training method ever invented. It is a theory on how to get the MAXIMUM benefit out of resistance bands, aka “band tension.”

And if my theory is correct, it promises infinite strength gains.

Why am I so confident about my new theory?

The truth is, I used the Infinite Strength Curve to perform one of the greatest drug-free body transformations of all time:

Of course, I also used my new program called The Dr. Mike Training Program to complete this unbelievable transformation.

Now that I’m officially Jacked And Tan™, I’m using the Infinite Strength Curve and The Dr. Mike Training Program to become the strongest drug-free bodybuilder in the world.

I’m THAT confident in my theory!

Mark my words: by the end of 2023, I will be The World’s Strongest Natty Bodybuilder!

If you are a bodybuilder trying to get bigger, or a powerlifter trying to get stronger, you are going to love this book.

In this guide, I will be teaching you my 18 favorite Infinite Strength Curve exercises.

These special exercises are the key to The Infinite Strength Curve.

Some of these exercises are brand new. For example, the “Jansen Press” might be the single most powerful triceps exercise ever invented. I will show you exactly how to perform the Jansen Press, and all 18 of my Infinite Strength Curve exercises right here in this book.

These Infinite Strength Curve exercises are giving me the fastest size and strength gains of my entire life… and I’m just getting started.

If you harness the power of The Infinite Strength Curve, then you may also experience the fastest size and strength gains of your entire life.

Remember: The Infinite Strength Curve promises infinite strength gains. The only limits are the ones you impose on yourself.

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.”

The powerlifting legend Louie Simmons passed away in March 2022. As fate would have it, that is exactly when I had my breakthrough moment for The Infinite Strength Curve.

I hope this book and The Infinite Strength Curve honors Louie Simmons’ legacy as one of the greatest strength training geniuses the world has ever seen.

Now let’s get to the action!

-Dr. Mike Jansen

Table Of Contents

  • Part 1: Goku Vs Freeza
  • Part 2: Push Exercises
  • Part 3: Leg Exercises
  • Part 4: Pull Exercises
  • Part 5: Conclusion
  • You'll get a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to use resistance bands to get screaming fast size / strength gains!

  • Size
    529 KB
  • Length
    37 pages
  • Massive Value!
  • You'll get a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to use resistance bands to get screaming fast size / strength gains!
  • Size529 KB
  • Length37 pages
  • Massive Value! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
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